When the parents are divorced, who should pay for a child's treatment ?

A divorce decree usually establishes which parent has primary financial responsibility for the children's care, in that the decree designates who has primary custody of the children. If the parent with custody remarries, that parent's dental coverage is primary for the children, the step-parent's dental coverage is secondary and the other parent's dental coverage is last — provided the step-parent’s and other parent’s dental plans cover the child. In some circumstances the court has decided that one parent has primary or majority custody of the children but assigns financial responsibility for the children's health care to the other parent. Dental offices should inquire of the parent what the court decree requires. If there are difficulties collecting bills for care to a child after a divorce, the best policy is to send the bills to both parents so that the nonresponsible parent is aware that the responsible parent is not meeting his or her obligation under the divorce decree.

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