Can lab costs be charged on a claim separately from a procedure ?

Only procedures and services which have designated codes (Code of Dental Procedure and Nomenclature-CDT) may be claimed for reimbursement. Some dental plans may allow claims of procedures which have no codes, with these procedures claimed as a miscellaneous code (e.g., D2999 - unspecified restorative procedure, by report), but unless a plan has a specific policy of paying for certain procedures under the miscellaneous codes, simply claiming a noncoded procedure under a miscellaneous code doesn't guarantee payment. Typically, treatment that requires lab work of any kind is considered to include that lab work. For example, a crown which requires fabrication by a lab, or which is fabricated in the dental office by a certain process, will be included in the code for a crown. There is no separate procedure code for a lab's fabrication of the crown.

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