Must an associate dentist in my office be separately enrolled as a Denti-Cal provider if I am enrolled as a provider ?

Every dentist providing care to Denti-Cal beneficiaries must be enrolled as a provider in the program in order to be reimbursed. Denti-Cal makes a distinction between the billing provider, who is typically the owner of a practice and a rendering provider who may be an associate in a dental practice. Both must be separately enrolled as providers in the Denti-Cal program if both provide treatment to program beneficiaries. To enroll as a rendering provider, a dentist submits a complete application package with all required forms, which can be obtained by contacting Denti-Cal at 800.423.0507.

Both billing providers and rendering providers must be identified on the Denti-Cal claim form (providers under space 20 on the form; rendering providers under column 33). Rendering providers enrolled in the program may join existing provider groups or practice at other locations without having to submit a new application package.

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