D5820 CDT Dental Codes

D5820 dental code is located in PROSTHODONTICS (removable) medical billing section.

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Interim partial denture (maxillary)

Fixed prosthodontics replace missing teeth using fabricated materials that are cemented into onto existing natural teeth or roots. A dentist can choose from replacing missing teeth with an implant, fixed bridgework or removable partials and dentures. When treatment planning for fixed prosthodontics, it is important to remember that multiple appointments and procedures are usually required. Clinicians must take into account the patientís oral health habits along with existing restorations in order to determine if a fixed prosthetic is the best choice.

Patients are often confused by the terminology used when discussing fixed prosthodontics. A treatment coordinator may be referring to a fixed partial denture between teeth #13 and 15, but the patient may not understand that this is the same as fixed bridgework. With implant and fixed restorations, it is helpful to have visual aids and even tangible examples on hand. Often the only time the patient has even seen a bridge or fixed partial denture is right before it is cemented into his or her mouth.

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